• Excited for the new tools I have to run my business

    I am so grateful for my time at YEDI. It’s remarkable that a program like this even exists and helps entrepreneurs at every stage of their journey. Our cohort all came from such diverse backgrounds (some have training in business, and others just instinct) but yet, the curriculum is so accessible, and Oleg, Marat and Ric and the guest instructors make sure the subject matter is relevant and easy to grasp. I know I’ve looked forward to every Wednesday evening for the past 16 weeks, and I’m sad to see it end, but I’m excited for the new tools I have to run my business.

    Andrea Orazi
  • A must for a beginning entrepreneur

    It is a must for a beginning entrepreneur.

  • YEDI Institute prepared me for real life situations

    The Entrepreneurship development program at YEDI Institute prepared me for real life situations by providing interesting and relevant course material through combination of theory and practical experience. If you are considering developing any venture, YEDI Institute offers a warm, friendly, positive , supportive staff and a convenient way of learning.

  • YEDI has proven to be one of the greatest

    Without a shadow of a doubt, YEDI has proven to be one of the greatest highlights of my 30 year career as a scientist, educator and entrepreneur. In 4 short months, we so finely honed our business acumen that I believe our entire class is set on a success course that will not only transform our lives but also positively impact Canadian society as a whole. More power to you, YEDI!

    Arnie Gotfryd
  • … wealth of practical knowledge

    My experience in this program has given me a wealth of practical knowledge and has supported me in developing the processes and tools to take my venture to the next level. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to learn and grow in the company of such an outstanding group of experts and fellows!

    Janet Nezon
  • The YEDI program validated our company’s position

    The YEDI program validated our company’s position in an educational context. It has strengthened my entrepreneurial confidence to grow our business to the next level.

    Janet Janiuk
  • Fantastic Tools

    YEDI provided fantastic tools and guidance to ensure the successful growth and operation of our not-for-profit organization.  Now I know how to run our not-for-profit organization as efficiently as a for-profit venture. Thank you YEDI team!

  • I highly recommend this program

    This is a wonderful business education program that covers every aspect of building a start-up company. I highly recommend this program to any entrepreneur looking to build or refine their business plan, get feedback and improve presentation skills.

    Gil Katz
  • It has given me new perspective on operating a non-profit

    I am so pleased I had the opportunity to participate in the YEDI course. It has given me new perspective on operating a non-profit, as well the necessary structure for my organization to grow through a sound business plan. I have told many people how thrilled I am with this course and have already highly recommended it to others!

    Una Wright
  • …expert professionals who truly care

    In our fast-paced world, it is refreshing to have met YEDI’s Program Advisors – Marat, Oleg and Richard – expert professionals who truly care.

    Dennis Sherbakov
  • …have given me the tools to teach others

    I am a proud graduate of the YEDI program. The skills I have learned here have not only benefited me but have given me the tools to teach others in my community. Throughout the program, the curriculum, the mentorship and the network built has proven to be invaluable. Much appreciation to the YEDI team!

  • Outstanding business development program

    This is an outstanding business development program. Whether you are an experienced or new entrepreneur, you will learn how to develop your business like no other program! The program advisers are tops and their care, knowledge and time are priceless! This program is a WOW!

    Jacob Stevens