What distinguishes YEDI from other start-up incubators?

YEDI is a not-for-profit, charitable institution granting a formal and joint YEDI – Schulich certificate, where emphasis is placed on an intensive, educational, as well as hands-on program and workshop for venture founders. YEDI believes in training and skilled entrepreneurship as the fundamental tool in refining a product/service and a launch pad for attracting resources and financing. Following program completion, participants are eligible for up to $30,000 in non-repayable seed-funding. Additionally, entrepreneurs pitch their project for up to $500,000 of funding from YEDI’s own venture capital fund, as well as potential financing from other venture capital firms and direct investment by banks. Additionally, YEDI for-profit innovators from any industry based in York Region and Toronto. See “YEDI Advantage” to learn more about YEDI’s opportunities and benefits.
Do selected candidates receive funding at the start of the program?

No. “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” YEDI believes in first providing real training to cement exceptional entrepreneurial skills prior to giving ventures access to capital.
Will YEDI help me get funding after the program ends?

Yes. Upon successful program completion, each entrepreneur become eligible for a non-repayable, equity-free grant up to $30,000. 

As a YEDI graduate, you will first be thoroughly prepared by a guided process in the creation of a solid business model that is financially viable, marketable, and attractive to funders. You will then have the exclusive opportunity to showcase your proof of concept at the YEDI Venture Fair, liaise with industry members, and pitch your project for a chance to receive additional funding of up to $500,000 from YEDI’s own venture capital fund, as well as funding from other venture capital firms and potential for direct investment from banks.

What is expected of me if I enter this program?

If you are selected as a participant and accept the offer, you must remain completely committed throughout the duration of the 16-week program, this means your attendance at the weekly evening sessions is mandatory. Additionally, you must submit the milestone assignments in a timely manner. YEDI provides intensive and rewarding training of the highest calibre; you are expected to exercise discipline and readiness to undergo entrepreneurial development at this level.
Where does the incubator take place?

The Incubator track is taught at the Schulich Executive Education Learning Centre on York University campus in Toronto, ON.


Is there an application or course fee?

There are no fees associated with the program.
What types of ventures is YEDI accepting and looking for?

YEDI is scouting for innovative ideas at any stage of their cycle. “Innovation” strives to both solve an issue, as well as alter the system that initially gave rise to such issue. Startups from any field will be considered. See “Eligibility” for details.
How are the innovators selected?

Applications are first pre-screened by experts. Secondly, they are reviewed by the Selection Committee, which is composed of a special panel of judges from varied backgrounds and sets of expertise, based on a set rubric that aligns with YEDI values. Selected candidates are then shortlisted and interviewed by the program advisors. Those who succeed this phase then proceed to be inducted to the program.
How is my idea protected when I apply?

See our “Privacy Policy” for the terms and conditions for program applicants.
Is the program only open to students?

We believe that good ideas can be born at any age, to anyone. YEDI’s program is not limited to students. All adult ages are welcome to apply.
Can we apply in teams?

If an idea was founded by more than one person whose added value is irreplaceable for the venture, YEDI will consider more than one applicant.
Am I eligible and how do I apply?

Please ensure your eligibility here. Applications will only be accepted online via the application form.
What is the deadline to apply for the next session?

The application period is now CLOSED.
The application portal will re-open in November 2017.
The Application Portal isn’t working! What should I do?

If the portal is not accepting your application after two attempts, send an alert to apply (at) yedinstitute (dot) org.
Do you have a question we did not answer? Contact us at info (at) yedinstitute (dot) org



November 2018 – March 2019


Sessions take place at the Schulich Executive Education Centre (York U) -4700 Keele Street
Dates: TBD
Time: 5:30 PM- 9:30PM