• H2grow

    YEDI’s curriculum and one-on-one mentorship covered all the aspects of starting and running a successful venture. My team and I learned a lot and highly recommend other entrepreneurs to apply!
    Spring 2017 - $30000 YEDI Grant Recipient
  • Handsfree X-Rays

    Thank you to the amazing YEDI team for the mentorship and connections during the program. It gave me much needed boost that was needed to take my company in the right direction to grow and be where I am today!
    Handsfree X-Rays
    Spring 2017 - $30000 YEDI Grant Recipient
  • RaceSim1

    Thanks to YEDI, I gained valuable business knowledge that I could apply to my project. All professors are incredibly supportive and YEDI has great mentors throughout the program.
    Spring 2017 - $30000 YEDI Grant Recipient
  • Solarism

    Spring 2017 - $30000 YEDI Grant Recipient
  • cb. Consulting and Design

    The YEDI program facilitated a multitude of learning and business know-how for me unlike anything I had ever experienced. It provided a collection of opportunities, experiences and connections that have been an integral part of getting my business off the ground and headed in a clear direction for success. The people behind this incredible program are doing wonderful things and it was a true honour to work through the program.




    cb. Consulting and Design
    Fall 2016 - $30000 YEDI Grant Recipient
  • The Chufa Co.

    I am so grateful for my time at YEDI. It’s remarkable that a program like this even exists and helps entrepreneurs at every stage of their journey. Our cohort all came from such diverse backgrounds (some have training in business, and others just instinct. But yet, the curriculum is so accessible, and Oleg, Marat and Ric and the guest teachers make sure the subject matter is relevant and easy to grasp. I know I’ve looked forward to every Wednesday evening for the past 16 weeks, and I’m sad to see it end, but I’m excited for the new tools I have to run my business.

    The Chufa Co.
    Fall 2016 - $30000 YEDI Grant Recipient
  • Classic Homeopathy Health Centre

    Classic Homeopathy Health Centre
    Fall 2016 - $30000 YEDI Grant Recipient
  • Cleanopy

    The YEDI program was invaluable in helping me develop a more effective strategy and sustainable business model


    Fall 2016 - $30000 YEDI Grant Recipient
  • Electrefy

    Unlike other programs, YEDI’s classroom based learning provided an opportunity to follow-up with the instructors and guide through implementation of critical milestones.


    Fall 2016 - $30000 YEDI Grant Recipient
  • Pamper Me Network

    I loved the program from day one. The mentors were world-class, the advisors were top-notch, the staff was second to none and my fellow entrepreneurs were incredible visionaries. Highly recommended to all.


    Pamper Me Network
    Fall 2016 - $30000 YEDI Grant Recipient
  • Sizify

    Fall 2016 - $30000 YEDI Grant Recipient
  • The Spread

    “The Spread” was given the incredible opportunity to participate in the YEDI Entrepreneurship program. We received and continue to receive invaluable business and financial support to help propel our business forward. Thank you for your professional roster of educators and your time and effort in helping us succeed.
    The Spread
    Fall 2016 - $30000 YEDI Grant Recipient
  • UDX Interactive

    Overall the YEDI program has helped me make connections, learn, and feel confident about my entrepreneurial endeavour. The relationships created with students and advisors go beyond the program. These are smart entrepeneurs I will be happily connected to the rest of my professional life. I would highly recommend the program to anyone.

    UDX Interactive
    Fall 2016 - $30000 YEDI Grant Recipient
  • Summary Scanner

    As a business student and aspiring entrepreneur, the program offered at YEDI has provided a tremendous amount of practical value. In having lectures that highly applicable beyond just textbook theory, I can confidently say that I am more adequately prepared to take on the challenges of starting and running a business. The entire program has been an invaluable learning experience and i’m truly grateful for the mentors and facilitators for their high degree of commitment and dedication to ensuring that we as entrepreneurs have the knowledge, network, and resources to succeed.

    Kevin Chau
    Fall 2016 - $27,700 YEDI Grant Recipient
  • iDocking Solutions

    Semion Gengrinovich
    Fall 2016- $26,320 YEDI Grant Recipient