Entrepreneurship MBA, First Of Its Kind In Canada!

Take your expertise to the next level with our innovative Entrepreneurship MBA!

The Academic Department of YEDI in Plekhanov University of Economics is opening an MBA Program that will be delivered at our YEDI campus in Canada. 

In today’s robust business ecosystem, entrepreneurs need the tools and education to survive and thrive. The MBA in Entrepreneurship builds on the Institute’s long track record of accelerating successful ventures to bring a complete curriculum, specifically created to meet the needs and challenges of entrepreneurs.

With high-level connections and specialized courses, the MBA gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to personalize their learning experience while leveraging connections with industry leading experts.

YEDI is committed to ensuring this world-class program is accessible by providing scholarship opportunities to innovative entrepreneurs. The diploma is recognized in Canada and around the globe. 

The MBA in Entrepreneurship will allow participants to gain experience in the unique Canadian business ecosystem. We will do our best to accommodate an appropriate work placement for participants while undergoing the program. YEDI Alumni are eligible to receive a credit from previously completed YEDI programs that will be applied towards the completion of this one. 

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