YEDI’s First Hybrid Classroom!

8 years ago, we launched our first program with the opening remarks of Dr. Middleton and Dr. Ressin. We are so excited to announce that yesterday, once again, Dr. Middleton and Dr. Ressin were able to host our first hybrid program. YEDI has adapted to this new reality by integrating a new hybrid learning environment, revolutionizing the traditional classroom and using cutting edge technologies that offers seamless interaction between those in person and those online. We are following all current COVID-19 regulations to ensure a safe and positive learning environment.

2014 – First YEDI Program
2021 – First Hybrid Program

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Congratulations to our Incubator Program Graduates!

Following the success of our first virtual Not-for-Profit program last fall, YEDI took on the challenge of hosting our world renowned Incubator program online. We extended the accessibility to entrepreneurs all over Canada, the result was a collection of innovative participants ready to take on 16 weeks of intensive learning. 

On June 16th, these knowledgable entrepreneurs got the opportunity to showcase their business plan, models, and milestones to an investor audience. The ventures, ranging from the education sector to the health sector and beyond, excelled at their pitches resulting in an extremely successful virtual venture fair. 

YEDI is so proud of all our graduates, we extend our deepest wishes of success for them and their venture’s in the future. As always, many thanks to our wonderful partner, Schulich Executive Education Centre.

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Entrepreneurship MBA – First Of Its Kind!

Take your expertise to the next level, join the innovative Entrepreneurship MBA!

The Academic Department of YEDI in Plekhanov University of Economics is opening an MBA Program. The degree will be awarded by Plekhanov University and is recognized in Canada and around the globe. As a Canadian charity, YEDI is committed to ensuring this world-class program is accessible to Canadian entrepreneurs who are eager to launch and grow their ventures. 

In today’s robust business ecosystem, entrepreneurs need the tools and education to survive and thrive. The MBA in Entrepreneurship developed by the Academic Department, draws from the Institute’s long track record of accelerating successful ventures to bring a complete curriculum, specifically created to meet the needs and challenges of entrepreneurs.

With high-level connections and specialized courses, the MBA gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to personalize their learning experience while leveraging connections with industry leading experts.

YEDI is committed to facilitating scholarship opportunities to innovative Canadian entrepreneurs. Applicants may be eligible for scholarships worth up to 100% of tuition, conditional on financial need and academic performance.  

As a unique component of this program, participants will complete a practicum placement working on their own venture or joining an existing start-up in order to apply their learnings. 

Find out more about the Entrepreneurship MBA!

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Congratulations to our Not-for-Profit Program Graduates!

It all starts with an idea. Over the past 16 weeks, not-for-profit leaders have refined their visions and missions, tested their offerings and devised efficient and sustainable business plans. Along the way, the participants have been encouraged and guided through the commitment and expertise of their program advisors, instructors and mentors, and we thank them for their dedication and invaluable contribution.

Even with the challenge of running a program during COVID, YEDI was able to successfully host the first virtual Not-for-Profit Venture fair. The organizations, ranging from the mental health wellness sector to the business development support sector and beyond, excelled at their pitches resulting in an extremely innovative and insightful venture fair. 

YEDI congratulates its NFP graduates and wishes them all the best of luck with their organizations in the future!

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